The following are resources for parents.  Any events listed are not associated with PISD or PTA, but provided with the intent to help parents.


Partners Resource Network - a federally funded, free organization with resources, workshops, seminars that are free to everyone including parents and teachers.


Upcoming Events:
Siblings of Children with Disabilities Learning Lab.  January 20th, Noon CST, FREE, registration and link to lab
Coffee and Chat Children's Mental Health Overview.  January 20th, 10AM CST, FREE (federally funded program) registration and link
Creative Parenting.  January 20th, 10AM CST. Free.  This workshop will highlight some of the unique challenges that go into parenting a child with a disability and guide parents to consider some “creative parenting” techniques. We will provide an opportunity for parents to consider their unique situation, then share and hear creative ideas from other parents. 
Embrace Differences Parent Support Group. January 26th Noon CST, FREE. Monthly support group for parents with children of different abilities.
Stress management and resiliency. January 28th, 10AM CST. This workshop helps parents understand the importance of managing their stress and building their resilience to stress. We will teach parents how to identify stressors and the main sources of their stress. We will discuss ways to deal with stress and improve resiliency, and then will teach parents some relaxation techniques that they can use to reduce their stress levels. 
Siblings of children with disabilities.  Feb 3, 6:30PM CST, Free. "It is important for parents to understand the unique challenges and benefits for children with special needs siblings. This workshop will explore those challenges and benefits, and offer ideas on how to help siblings express their feelings, fears and needs. Family unity is the goal!"
PACER Center, Champions for Children with Disabilities - a non-profit group that offers services to parents (some are free and some have a cost). 
As per PTA's policy, this program is a free service, not an advertisement for further services.    
From PACER's Facebook event page:  Do you know a teen who struggles with keeping track of their schoolwork, managing their time, staying on-task? These are called "executive functioning" skills. Learn about technologies that can help middle and secondary students (grades 7th - 12th) develop these skills. This Zoom Webinar offered by the PACER Center is designed for families and professionals and will address skills for all students, including those with disabilities.
Details HERE.

Join Partners Resource Network on January 26th @ 12:15 p.m. CT, as Steven Aleman of Disability Rights Texas, discusses the 87th Texas Legislature and state lawmakers' consideration of several topics that are important to students with disabilities. :  Preview of Special Education Issues Before 87th Texas Legislature | Facebook 

Additional Resources

"Keeping Kids Engaged in Remote Learning" article from Child Mind Institute. 
General reference for Parents of Gifted Children: Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) has hundreds of free articles/resources for parents of gifted and twice exceptional (2e/Gifted with learning difference). Browse through the articles, look for issues relevant to your family, and help support your family's emotional needs! For free articles/parent resources, go to:
NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) [Advises TAGT Texas Association for Gifted Talented and TEA Texas Education Association about gifted needs/policy] has WONDERFUL resources under the Parent Tab.
Supporting Your Gifted Child During COVID-19 - Four PDFs with wonderful advice.




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The mission of Plano ISD's Family Education and Guidance Services is to strengthen all families in the community by providing education, resources and services which support raising responsible, self-confident, emotionally healthy children in today's complex society. Please visit HERE to gain access to PISD supports that you and your family may wish to utilize throughout the year!

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