Attendance Procedures

Academic School Day Online


8:25 a.m.-3:30 p.m./11:59 p.m.

Students must log in to each class period within the first ten minutes of the class period. After that time, they will be marked absent. There are no tardies for online learning. It is an official absence. Even if the student logs in late, we expect, that they make their best effort to join the class during the actual class period. The student will still need to communicate with the teacher (via email, google classroom, etc.), after the class ends, as to what was missed and complete that on that day prior to 11:59 p.m. If that occurs the teacher can then update the absence to present.




Parents should call AND write a note. Calling alone does NOT excuse the absence. Parents should call the student absence line to report an absence and leave the following information: Name, ID number, reason for absence, date of absence, and who is reporting. The phone number is 469-752-6400 (or fax: 469-752-6401). Select 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, then press 3 to leave a message on the absence line. A student has 3 days after returning from an absence to turn in a note (parent or doctor) in order to receive an excused absence. The note should include the student’s name, ID number, reason, date of absence, and the parent's signature. A parent call DOES NOT excuse an absence. We MUST have a note on file. (Emails are not accepted as an official note.) 


Update for School @ Home


Parents still need to submit an electronic note if the student has missed class due to an illness, doctor’s appt. etc. The note must be emailed to (with an attached screenshot/picture of note). Per the current online policy, as long as a student submits work AND reaches out to the teacher before 11:59 p.m. on that instructional day they can be marked present. If no log in occurred for each of the classes and no note is received, the A/absence will remain. Upon receipt of the electronic note, within three days of the absence, the A can then be changed to “P” present.

Leaving School Ill

If a student becomes ill while at school, he MUST go to the nurse’s office to be evaluated, and parents will be called if necessary. If it is determined that the student should go home, a parent or guardian will have to sign the student out in the front office. A sick student will not be released to go home until he has been evaluated by the nurse. 

Late Arrivals and Early Releases

Students MUST sign in/out at the front office upon arrival any time after the 8:30am bell or before an early release. NO middle school students will be allowed to sign himself out without a parent signature. If your student must leave school early PLEASE send a note with him, or call ahead so he can be released from class and waiting for you in the office. Failure to do so will result in you having to wait longer than expected. 

Absence Request Forms

Non-school related activities must be pre-approved by the principal in order for the student to make-up missed work. Please ask for this form in the front office. It must be received at least one week in advance of the requested absence.




You can download this Absence Excuse Note for your convenience. Medical notes should have the date(s) of treatment, return to school date and physicians signature or stamp. 


Make-up work may be requested on the third day of a student absence. Please call the Attendance Office (469-752-6404) before 10:00 am. Work will be available for pick-up after 3:00 pm in the Attendance Office. If work is requested, it must be completed when the student returns.




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