2018-2019 SMS PTA Board 

Board Members

President Lisa Heise president@smspta.org
1st VP - Programs Alana McMorrow programs@smspta.org
2nd VP - Membership Cynthia Steele membership@smspta.org
3rd VP - Volunteers Lisha Resser volunteers@smspta.org
4th VP - Ways & Means Martha Kuykendall ways@smspta.org
Secretary Monal Vashishtha secretary@smspta.org
Treasurer Stacie Howell treasurer@smspta.org
Parliamentarian Andy St. John parliamentarian@smspta.org
Council Delegate Sireesha Yang councildelegate@smspta.org
Arts in Ed/ Reflections So Hee Lee reflections@smspta.org
  Amara Fuscardo reflections@smspta.org
Diversity/SAGE OPEN sage@smspta.org
Hospitality Mike Salter hospitality@smspta.org
Environmental Jaime Bretzmann environmental@smspta.org
Community Outreach Danica Fenoglio communityoutreach@smspta.org
  Shreya Dabholkar communityoutreach@smspta.org
Healthy Lifestyles Alina Bosiacka healthsafety@smspta.org
Communications Coordinator OPEN communications@smspta.org
Staff Liaison Marilee Solomon marilee.solomon@pisd.edu


Special Committee Chairs

Box Tops Heather Bowen heather.bowen@pisd.edu
Library Volunteer Coordinator Leslie Hembly libraryvols@smspta.org
Newsletter Jenny Martin newsletter@smspta.org
Panther Preview OPEN pantherpreview@smspta.org
Partnership/Restaurant Night Esther Asham spiritnights@smspta.org
School Supplies OPEN schoolsupplies@smspta.org
School Store Sales Tamara Strauser schoolstore@smspta.org
  Melissa Woods schoolstore@smspta.org
Spirit Wear Donna Hacket spiritwear@smspta.org
Fall Social Tasha Thompson fallsocial@smspta.org
Spring Social Angela Hurn springsocial@smspta.org
  Onie Panjaitan  springsocial@smspta.org
8th Grade EOY Event Angela Hurn eighthsocial@smspta.org
  Onie Panjaitan eighthsocial@smspta.org
Webmaster Wendy Barr webmaster@smspta.org
















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The mission of Plano ISD's Family Education and Guidance Services is to strengthen all families in the community by providing education, resources and services which support raising responsible, self-confident, emotionally healthy children in today's complex society. Please visit HERE to gain access to PISD supports that you and your family may wish to utilize throughout the year!

DISCLAIMER: The Schimelpfenig Middle School PTA is a noncommercial, nonsectarian, nonpartisan association that does not endorse any candidate or political party. This PTA does not endorse non-PTA products or services. If you have a concern, please contact a member of the PTA Executive Board.